One Check On The Bucket List

This past week we’ve been in the fall color “jackpot”…New Hampshire!  There are so many cool things in this New England state, but we must start out by letting everyone know: we found it! I know what you’re thinking, what did you find?? Well, we found out who the Old Man of the Mountain was.  Our uncle, being a New England local, told us that he was actually a big rock in the White Mountains.  From the side, it looked like the profile of an old man, where he earned his name. Unfortunately, though, about ten years ago the whole side of the mountain crumbled. I would’ve loved to have seen him though!

20181009_105246_resized_1 (1).jpg

Now, picking apples yourself is really fun; however, when someone says they enjoy apple picking they usually mean walking through the orchard and picking apples.  Well, what I mean is shopping at the apple orchard’s store!  Before I go on you might be thinking…THE STORE?!  But I assure you, this orchard’s store is like no other.  This store contains the most wonderful donuts I’ve ever put in my mouth! They’re little toasted holes of HEAVEN!  Have you ever tried apple cider donuts?  If you have, aren’t they amazing?  If you haven’t, try one ASAP!  The best can be found at Meadow Ledge Apple Orchard in N. H. …at least that’s what their sign said, and we agree!  If you aren’t able to visit N.H. and get your mouth around one of these delicious treats then you’ll have to settle for one from another store.

Ever been to Lake Winnipesaukee? I had never even heard of it before, it’s probably one of the most beautiful lakes in New Hampshire.  Some of our family has a lake house there, so since we are RVing it, we were able to spend some time with them on this lovely lake.  We were fortunate to be able to come at the same time as our great grandma and grandparents from FL (they were visiting also).  We really enjoyed when our uncle took us for a tour of the lake on his jet ski and boat!

Near our aunt and uncle’s house is a place called Castle in the Clouds.  The weather was nice on Wednesday for outside type things so we decided to have lunch and go to Castle in the Clouds!  It was really fun seeing the history behind the big, old house and the food was great.  We enjoyed it a lot!

One more thing… Wolfboro, NH is a charming little town right on the lake that we (kind of last-minute) had the opportunity of visiting. The pier was beautiful!

Traveling Tip:

Courtesy of Ann:)

Hey guys! As you probably could have guessed by now, we (as a traveling family) do A LOT of maintenance on our rig, including both the truck and the camper. One of the many things that we’ve found to be extremely helpful in our “moving day” process is the HitchMate TireStep on Amazon. We feel this way for many reasons. One being that I, being shorter than most of my family, have a hard time reaching over our extra tire on the side of the truck when we’re hitching up the rig.  The TireStep makes things SO much easier not just for me, but my brothers and even Dad when grabbing something from the back. When we’re done working we simply fold it up and put it in our storage compartment.  If you own a truck of any size and have struggles getting into the bed, we highly recommend this product; especially with all you fellow campers out there! But don’t just take my word for it, click the picture and check it out for yourself. We hope to keep publishing reviews like this in the future, so keep reading for more links to great items we just can’t live without!


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