What’s In Store For 2020?

Howdy! It may seem like we’ve fallen off the end of the earth (and we’ve camped in some places where you can practically see it!), but in all actuality, we had a little bit of a burnout. The blog is embarrassingly neglected, but we are bound and determined to get back on track; so here we go, first post of 2020!

Starting with December last year, we pretty much bounced along the East Coast, landing in Washington DC for Christmas. We walked around our favorite places in the city, decorated the coach, went to a Christmas concert at the National Cathedral, and celebrated Emi’s 14th birthday!

After the craziness of the holidays, we made it down to Jacksonville FL, which we actually just left! We decided to be snowbirds this year (because there really isn’t anywhere else to go with nice weather this time of year). When I say there hasn’t been much happening around here; I really mean it! Being parked a month at a place when you’re used to moving around every three to five days kind of messes with you, but during that time, we made a lot of changes regarding travel so here it is….

Originally, when we launched from our neighborhood in Youngsville, North Carolina, we gave ourselves an eighteen month time frame to travel anywhere in our RV. Well, plans changed, discussions were had, and the decision was made that we are going to be staying on the road!! To give you some perspective; if we stuck to plan A, we would currently be parked in NC in some campground looking frantically for somewhere to call “home”. Since that WON’T be happening any longer, we are heading back out West *more on that in the next post*. Traveling has taught us so much. We’ve grown much closer as a family unit, learned new skills and improved old ones, discovered an amazing community, and made some flipping cool memories! From the viewpoint of a teen prepping to go to college and having to navigate adulthood, this time with my family has taught me some invaluable life skills and given me memories I’ll cherish forever. I don’t usually write all sappy-like, but there’s really no other way to describe how grateful I am for this time, and how excited I am for what this year will give us!

PSA: don’t give up on checking in! We have been inactive for a while, but we plan on getting back on schedule with posting once every week 🙂 Thanks y’all!

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