COVID Cabin Fever

This stinks. Quarantine is tough on everyone…and started out being a nightmare for fulltime RVers. Unfortunately, some states across America have closed down RV parks and campgrounds, telling people to go home. What if this is our home…and where do we go now? Many of our fellow travel families were displaced (read: kicked out of, told to leave) places that they had planted themselves hoping to ride out this pandemic storm. We had a bit better go at things when everything started going haywire. And even though we’ve basically had to re-think 2020 and cancel ALL plans, we can’t complain. We were blessed to be able to find places to stop along our route to our SIP spot to hunker down. Now we are in Utah, doing just fine.

Living in a sticks and bricks house would seem like a better option for this whole quarantine mess but it is quite similar living in an RV. We are equally just as able to socially distance ourselves during this time…maybe even more. Our RV is equipped to be completely self-sufficient and completely off-grid for however long we need/want to be. We can run almost everything in our coach off the power generated from our solar system (Shout out to Dad who is a master at everything power related…well, and of everything else too.) We have holding tanks for all the water-related needs (2 blacks, 2 grays, and a 90 gallon fresh water tank…for those who know what all that means). And the best part is if we feel crowded by our surroundings, we can hook-up and leave!

So I don’t know about y’all, but all of us here in the Range Monster are needing some relief from scary statistics and discouraging news. Here are some smiles and other good memories from past, and some more recent adventures to lighten up your browser! Cheers to getting out of quarantine and all that jazz 🙂

Warning: Be prepared when scrolling further. There are LOTS of pictures!! Bonus – if you click on them you’ll get a tip about where they were taken 🙂

We hope that y’all continue to hang in there and are using this time to be productive! Until next time!

One thought on “COVID Cabin Fever

  • Looks like an amazing adventure! Love all of your photos, too. Stay safe and healthy! Many prayers and blessings to you all on your travels.


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