First Official Stop as a Full-Time Family

This past week we went to three different museums: The Creation Museum, The Ark, and The National Air Force Museum. Let’s start out by sharing our first official experience as a full-time family: the Creation Museum. First of all, let me just put it this way, it was absolutely AMAZING! If you’ve never been there, we strongly recommend that you go! As you walk through the exhibits, you are immersed in the proof of the true creation of our world. Every aspect of what evolutionists believe is challenged and proved wrong using God’s Word and science. The issue of how sin entered the world was also addressed, as well as the flood, the Ice Age, and…

how evolutionists have speculated about the origins of life and creation. My favorite part was the section about the flood, and Ann loved the Apologetics that was woven throughout the entire museum. It’s amazing how much evidence there is, proving there is a Divine Creator and that the Flood of the Bible actually happened.

Next, we visited the Ark Encounter. Just imagine this: you’re standing in front of a massive wooden structure, and you’re about to go explore inside of it. Just to give you some perspective, this boat is taller than a four-story house and longer than one and a half football fields. What would you be thinking? I know what I was thinking…..MIND BLOWN!! Inside was a re-creation of what it was probably like for Noah and his family, who were living inside with thousands of animals, during the flood. My favorite part of the Ark was seeing the animals. It was truly an incredible experience! Check out the cool stuff these museums have to offer at their website.

Last but NOT least, The National Air Force Museum right outside of Dayton Ohio. We strongly recommend you check it out, and you can click here to visit their site. There were four big hangers that were full of interesting facts about wars, planes, rockets, jets, satellites, bombs (etc.). My favorite part of this museum was probably looking at the different planes and jets, and Ann really enjoyed the photography and the presidential jets. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it would be to fight in those planes… I can’t even fly comfortably in a passenger plane (I’m a sissy). In my opinion, they were exceedingly brave, and we honor those of you that have participated or are participating in any of the armed forces, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!

After all this excitement, we made a three-day trip to New Hampshire. Our three stops were: a KOA at Lake Chautauqua, New York, a Harvest Host site in New York, and finally Ames Brook Campground in New Hampshire (our destination). The colors were amazing in New York, but I believe that New Hampshire will blow us away:)

Here are some pics to show how AWESOME our week was!

The Ark Encounter

The Creation Museum

The National Air Force Museum

Exploring Cincinnati

ANN: I do apologize for the low resolution of some pictures… the lighting wasn’t ideal most of the time.

Traveling Tip

If you are aware that wherever you’re staying might have even the smallest amount of mud, please be cautious with what you’re pulling into the mud. In our case it was a Ram 3500 Dually and forty-three foot long fifth wheel. Thankfully, our dad, being an engineer, was able to get us unstuck and back on the road. Unfortunately, though, his engineering degree wasn’t able to get us back-on-track without us or our equipment being caked with mud. We did get pictures; so kids, don’t try this at home!

We’re EXTREMELY sorry for such a late post. Our WiFi hasn’t been working:( If anyone has any questions about anything you’ve read in this post, please drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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