Embracing the Unknown

Our adventure has finally begun!  After a month of hanging around NC, we are officially traveling the country as a “full-time family”.  For me, it’s a little scary to think that we’re going places that we are not familiar with and that we won’t see NC for a long time.  However, I’m very excited to see new things and learn amazing things about our country!


This past week was filled with sleepovers and get-togethers with our closest friends.  We stuffed a whole lot of things in the past few days.  We also went to Galaxy Fun Park, and the  Museum of Life and Science…

We set out Saturday mid-morning for West Virginia, which was the first leg of our trip.  The drive through the mountains was stunning!  We went through tunnels that were cut through the mountains.  It was really cool to see what was below us in the valleys.  The campground that we stopped at in WV was called Exhibition Coal Mine Campground.  If you have a big rig and are looking for a cozy place to camp in WV, this would not be one to consider.  It suited our needs for a night, though, and we enjoyed exploring the coal mine museum area.

Here are a few pics to show you what it was like:)


Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine
A general store display at the museum
We found miner’s hats!
Emi and a coal miner

Traveling Tip: (Courtesy of Matthew)

If you have a Dad that likes to drive with the windows open while going down the highway, be prepared for anything!  For instance…a wasp flew into our truck while we were driving down the road and landed on the back of the driver’s seat, in front of Ann.  I, Matthew, had to do my duty as the oldest brother, and the only brave one in the back seat, to make sure it got squished before it stung anyone.

Bonus Tip:  Don’t try to throw a live, un-crushed wasp out the window while going 65 mph on the highway with sisters, a dog, and a mother who are freaking-out.  It will fly right back into the truck and cause distress to all the females’ poor nerves.  Trust me from experience, and take every precaution while traveling to avoid the craziness of an unwanted object flying through the cabin of your vehicle.

11 thoughts on “Embracing the Unknown

  • Great tip Matthew! I’m so glad they have a brave brother to depend on! The kids and I visited that very same coal mine a few years ago on our way to camp at lake Eerie. Good memories there!! Hope you had the same great guide on the ride down into the mines. Ours was awesome! I’m so glad to hear that the trip is finally underway! Praying for all of you!!


  • I can just imagine the noise level when the “UFO” entered the truck through the window!!!! You are very brave Matthew!!


  • A wasp?! Agh! No wonder they were freaking out. Nice to have a protective older brother who handled the situation. I ,the other hand, had a brother that would have thrown the wasp on me! Love the pictures!


  • Reminds me of a similar incident when a praying mantis flew into my fams car. But hey, that’s what brothers are for!


  • Your dad gave me this page. We work together. Awesome website. Nice job!

    I heard your next stop is NH next week. Being from New England, can you tell me (find out) what happened to the “Old man of the Mountain in the White Mountain”.


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