Good News and Cool Views

Happy Fall Y’all!  This past week has been very eventful!  It’s a really long story, but…..WE GOT A NEW CAMPER!!  Since our now old camper was only 7 months old, that sounds crazy, right? (Pictures of the new rig coming soon… courtesy of my lovely sister Ann). We also are getting ready to leave NC next weekend. My dad is transitioning into his new job, and once we leave, it’s straight to West Virginia and beyond. We’re so excited to share our experiences with you!


Yesterday was such a beautiful day in the northern part of our state that we decided to go hiking in Hanging Rock State Park…

It was a very nice way to start out the fall season!  The first hike we went on took us to a waterfall.  The water was cold, but we still enjoyed dipping our toes in!  Once we finished exploring that area of the park we weren’t ready to leave just yet, so we chose another trail to hike.  While we were at the visitor’s center there was a lady that told us about a secret cave along the Cook’s Wall trail.  That made us all curious enough to set out on a mission to find it!

That hike took us 3 stinking hours and we never even got to see the cave!!  We were not prepared for how long it took us, or the fact that we needed a guide to find the cave since the lady made it sound so easy.  Not to mention…it was hot, we were drenched with sweat, and we have a 6-year-old brother who was ready to eat.  All that aside, we really did enjoy seeing God’s beautiful creation all around us! The view was amazing, and we got to see a lot of ‘hanging rocks’. (If you would like more info, just drop us a comment and we’d be happy to share!) It was an exhausting hike, for sure, but it was totally worth it! Here are some pictures we caught for you!




Q and A

We’ve received a couple of question throughout the week,  and would like to take a couple of minutes to answer them… Interview style!!

Q: What is your favorite part of the experience so far?

EMI: “I absolutely love that we don’t have so much space to keep clean, like when cleaning days come we don’t take up the whole day.

ANN: “I think for me it’s the excitement that comes with not knowing where you are, and the unfamiliarity of your surroundings. It’s all very exciting to me. Also the great opportunities for photography:)”

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?

EMI: “Honestly, I am so excited about all the things we have planned for the journey.”

ANN: “I think just traveling and being able to see and experience so much more than we ever could before”

Q: How do each of you find any alone time?

EMI: “I either listen to music, not get any alone time, wake up before anyone else, or shoo everyone out of the room. I’m such a nice sister:)”

ANN: “I agree with Emi, mostly I just plug in my ear buds or bury my nose in a good book. That usually helps me tune out the noise.”





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