Our First Harvest Host Experience

Well, against all odds, escaping Hurricane Florence turned out to be a blast! Last Wednesday was pretty busy….We were evacuated from the campground we were staying in (Holly Point), and from there we went to a Harvest Host vineyard for the night.  (For those of you who don’t know what Harvest Host is, it’s a membership that is available for RVers to get with the Harvest Host community…

If you would like to find out more, click on this link to be taken to their website: https://harvesthosts.com/. )  The  winery owners were really friendly, and the weather was surprisingly beautiful! They let us go inside and see their wine making process in action, and Ann even got to try to press down the grapes!  The owner, Mr. Michael, told us how he became a wine maker, and how he came to open the vineyard…


It was really cool!  For all you adults out there, Mom and Dad said their wine is amazing:)  After that, we hitched back up and made our way to Tanglewood RV park in Clemmons, NC.  (If you would like more info on the campground, click here.)  So far, it’s been raining nonstop (we’re on the edge of the hurricane).  The current mood in our camper is: LAZY.

Since we were going stir crazy, Mom and Dad decided to take a trip to Camping World for some supplies.  Why our father has such an obsession with RV toilet paper? …we have no idea. But we do know that every time we go to a store where you can buy the super special kind only used for RVs and boats he goes crazy and all of a sudden, we need five more cases of the stuff. (We have to give him credit for thinking ahead, because the boxes hold only four rolls each… but still). Ann and I have a mission for every Walmart we walk into now: divert Dad from the toilet paper!


Hanover Park Vineyard

Cabernet grapes


Sheep out to pasture
Enjoying the lawn with some football
Gander enjoying the view
Vineyard sunset


Cabernet grapes
Pressing down the grapes
Wine barrels
Syrah 2017


Benji being silly:)
Introducing… Our brand new 3500 Ram dually!


Brotherly competition



I recently had my classic braces taken off and traded them for Invisalign. The reason being that when we leave North Carolina, I won’t have anyone to tend to my braces, so Invisalign seemed to be the best option! Check out my new smile:)img_5531.jpg

2 thoughts on “Our First Harvest Host Experience

  • What is your favorite part of the experience so far? What are you looking forward to the most? How do each or you find any alone time, do you use head phones? How is Gander adjusting? Love you~~ Be safe!~ Have fun
    Aunt N.


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