A Refreshing Hike And The Threat Of Heavy Weather

Last week, while staying in Clemmons, NC, we took a quick trip to Mt. Pilot near Mt. Airy. (Fun Fact: If you don’t know what The Andy Griffith Show is, it was filmed in Mt. Airy which they called Mayberry.)   We enjoyed hiking along the ridge and summit.  The air at the top was so refreshing.  We enjoyed it very much! We drove to Mt. Airy then went to a BBQ place called Little Richards.  I don’t know bout ya’ll, but BBQ will always and forever be my favorite type of food.  Here are a few pics of us hiking:


So now let’s talk about Hurricane Florence. Old Flo ain’t our friend! Ain’t nobody got time for her! If Florence should hit us, that would postpone us from leaving on our great road trip we have planned. We are hoping, and praying, that it won’t hit the Carolina’s.  I’m honestly scared about getting caught in a hurricane.  Especially because our rig is not as stable as a house. Hurricanes can mess up houses really bad, but just imagine what a hurricane can do to a coach!  My Dad and Mom are sorting out what we need to do if the hurricane should hit.  We would extremely appreciate prayers.  As for now, it’s in the lower 70’s and we’re all enjoying a nice big campfire as a family.

     Here’s a quick update about getting used to rv life:

Well, first of all, we don’t have a dishwasher.  We have to hand wash every dish in the sink, some kids know what I’m talking about.  When you’ve got a big family that’s really good at getting things dirty, rather than keeping things clean, dishwashers are your absolute favorite utility in the whole house! This is when you come to appreciate paper plates, plastic cups, plastic utensils, and everything you can throw away.

Second of all, when we lived in our sticks and bricks, Ann and I shared a room.   Now, we have to share a room with our brothers in the rig…….I never knew how good I had it when I only shared a room with my sister!

So long for now!



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