Update Post!

Breaking News: The Retty’s Have Officially Moved Out

That’s right, we are now full-time RVers. The big day was Friday, and though it was a bit surreal, we are super excited to start our journey! That being said, this post is updating you on all the goings-on on our site, so here are a couple things to be looking out for:

  1. My sis is working hard behind the scenes to produce a sweet new page, so be on the lookout for that!
  2. We are hoping to start producing more…ahem, interesting content once we leave NC (we’re still chilling around here to get used to camper life).
  3. And lastly, expect some new pics that will be added to the blog, Fickr page, and posts.

Just a couple things to look forward to in the evolution of Retty2Roam!

Bonus Content

If any of you are looking for great campgrounds in the Kerr Lake area, Countyline Campground and North Bend Campground are our favorites!


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