Full-Timing From Our Perspective

A lot of people have been asking us:

“How do you feel about leaving everything you know?”

Well, this is a complicated question to answer. When our Mom first told us that we were thinking about going full-time I was not very excited. My sis and I didn’t want to miss any church retreats, I did not want to leave all of our friends, and honestly at first living in a camper with six people and a Great Dane sounded like torture! As we started to take it more seriously, though, I got more comfortable with the idea of going full-time. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, and the reality of what we’re doing is pretty daunting, but I’m really excited to start our journey!

We also get this question often:

“How long will you be gone?”

Eighteen months is how long we’re planning on being gone, but it might be longer depending on how much we like the minimalist life! Personally, I feel as though it’s a perfect amount of time for us to explore the country and have many valuable experiences. My sis and I are looking forward to “escaping” from the expectations of being normal teenagers. What I mean is balancing school and social life. When we get on the road, we will still be in touch with our peeps from NC, but it’ll be fun to get out and meet new people. I’m kind of looking forward to being free, and not always tied down to one specific area. We will miss home, but challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zone is something we definitely enjoy doing. YOLO, right?


First of all, I feel the need to let ya’ll know, OUR HOUSE IS SO EMPTY! We almost have everything in storage, and tonight we start sleeping in the camper. Tonight will be our first night in the rig as a home, so this is when things get interesting (we’re sharing a room with our brothers for the next 18 months). Wish us luck as we get Retty2Roam!


Meet the Range Monster:)

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