I’d Hike That!

Yosemite. Just reading that word brings back fond, not very long ago memories for our family. I know it seems like all we’re talking about is national parks this and national parks that, but that is the majority of what we set out to see and experience. Yosemite is one of those parks that we knew we had to see in CA. When we were downsizing, donating, and selling to get ready for our travels; it was tough to let go. But when we started to get discouraged, we would look at pictures of these magnificent parks and have something to look forward to. It was almost surreal to walk through Yosemite National Park and remember that just a short while ago, we were dreaming of the day that we would be able to see and experience it for ourselves.

To say the least, we spent a long time in Yosemite. We found an amazing campground in the mountains called Yosemite RV Resort that had full hookups, level sites, and a swimming pool-so that was enough for us! The first order of business was to scope out the park and see how we needed to plan our visit. After taking a scenic drive through Yosemite Valley, we saw almost every landmark in the park, so the rest of the week was spent getting up close and personal.

After we got our bearings the day we arrived, we knew to anticipate crowds. We woke up early in the morning to try and beat everyone to the Sequoias, and sometimes that means you just have to get good with eating breakfast on the tailgate:) Seriously though, those trees are HUGE, and the bark is squishy! Ann couldn’t even fit all of them into the frame, and some really big or funky looking ones got names; like the Faithful Couple, who started as two trees but were so close together just grew as one. Of course Mom and Dad had to get a picture by them….

Have you ever hiked next to a waterfall? I mean like right next to one? Well I’m very excited to say that we have! Yes, that’s right, at Yosemite we had the privilege of hiking the famous Mist Trail. The Mist Trail is a trail that is carved into the side of the mountain beside Vernal Falls. It was about seven miles long and the entire first quarter was a harsh incline (picture…walking straight up metal/rock stairs in a freezing cold tornado), but if you can get past that initial “Wow this is no fun at all”, the views are AMAZING! Hands down, most epic hike we’ve ever done! It was crazy awesome, we got absolutely soaked, and the scenery just blew us away. Now, I gotta be honest with y’all, I’m not really into hiking. Everyone else loves it, and I enjoy them too, I just don’t really like walking. But this, this trail was worth every step; I mean how often do you get to actually feel a waterfall?? So, when you’re hiking by a waterfall you’re first thought is to look up right? Wrong. You’re walking on uneven, slippery stone stairs-look down so that you don’t trip. Look up and have freezing rain stab you in the cornea. In other words: be prepared with hats/eye protection, a change of clothes, and waterproof everything!

Yosemite was incredible. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as an ice cream cone and a dip in the pool after a long hike, so that park was a perfect way to kick off the summer. The views are so incredible, it makes the amateur photographer look professional! Next post we’ll be wrapping up our time in CA and begin writing about the Pacific North West. Thanks for reading!

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