Everything We Never Want To Forget

I’m sure y’all are wondering by now, “It’s great that you guys are traveling, but how will you remember it all?”

Well, our family has found many unique ways to document our trip. The first thing we began doing actually started before full time travel. It all began at one of our favorite family summer vacations; an awesome campground called Lakewood in Myrtle Beach when I bought Mom a magnet from the gift shop for her birthday. Now, every landmark we visit, we search the gift shop for a magnet that will remind us of that special place we visited! (If you would like to find the magnet that started it all, look in the bottom right hand corner “Carolina Girl”)

Several years ago mom and dad visited Pikes Peak in Colorado. When they returned, they brought us a few beautiful rocks from Pikes Peak. We still have those rocks today, and that memory inspired us to collect more! We found a clear lamp, and now can fill it with little objects from all the beautiful places we’ve been to (things like rocks, driftwood, tickets, or even Mardi Gras beads!)

At the beginning of our trip Ann was on the hunt for a water bottle that she could put stickers on while on our journey. Well, last Christmas our parents fulfilled her dream and gifted her one. So far she has eleven stickers on her water bottle, but it isn’t just for mementos. She’s the only one who doesn’t have a water backpack, so when we hike, she has a big bottle to keep her hydrated. Knowing Ann, her favorite sticker is probably “Can’t Touch This”:)

As for me, I absolutely LOVE looking at family photos and videos. That’s one of my all time favorite things to do, so I’ve been taking silly pictures and selfies, printing them and putting them in my fancy Walmart scrapbook that I spent so much money on! (It was only $7) Sometimes, I just let Ann take the pictures and steal them from her; she doesn’t mind:)

The boys didn’t miss out on all the fun, don’t worry! They have been collecting Junior Ranger badges from every National Park or Monument that we explore. So far, they have eighteen badges!!!

And of course, we have the blog!!

I know this is a short post, but we wanted to share with you how we intend on remembering this journey for the rest of our lives. If you have any other fun or creative ideas that we can use, please share with us in the comments! Thanks so much!

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