Thanksgiving Traditions:)

Welcome back! 

Thanksgiving has always been a highlight of our year.  But this year was extra interesting since we’ve been living in our RV for three months!  So get ready for some pretty awesome stories!!

Each year, we rent a home for the week of Thanksgiving. This year, we rented a house in Hilton Head Island, SC and shared it with our FRamily (friends that are like family).  Let me just say that staying in a house again was amazing!!  We had a real mattress, SPACE, we didn’t have to turn the water on and off in the shower, we didn’t have to worry about running out of hot water in the shower…..But the best part was…….WE HAD A DISHWASHER!!  It was really fun and we had a great time!  It was good to be in a house again…at least for a little while.

(Credit: Jonathan Hart for the word FRamily)

Let The Annual Thanksgiving Competitions Begin!

Over the week of Thanksgiving we have a couple competitions.  One is ladies and guys night.  Now let me explain……ladies and guys night is obviously girls against boys, (I’ll be speaking from the ladies side).  On each night…there is a theme for dinner, each side shops for and prepares the meal to serve – and cleans up!  This year, the guys went all out in Italian style complete with a maitre d’ and a mustache.  I’ve only got three things to say about this; awesome, funny, and delicious!  The ladies went all out in Japanese style!  We got a reservation at a Japanese restaurant and watched a hibachi performance.  And topped it off by baking wonton wrappers filled with cool whip, strawberry slices, with some powder sugar on top.  We also made almond cookies!  (Yes, turns out almond cookies are Asian!)  In the end, the guys ended up winning, and this year I was fine with it!  ( I’m not a big fan of Asian food.)  Another competition that we did was…The Great Gingerbread Competition!!  It’s girls against boys again, (of course) and the parents are the judges.  We had to design, build and decorate our houses MASH style.  (If you never played MASH, it’s a silly kid-game) Basically my team had to build an apartment in the Mexican countryside…..with gingerbread!  Normally, the parents choose the team that has the best teamwork and the best design.  Once again, the boys won this competition….I guess it helps to have an aspiring engineer on your team.  Thirdly, (this one isn’t really a competition but I’ll mention it anyway:) We have EPIC Nerf wars that pop up throughout the week.  Those are really fun!!

In the house there was a garage that we played four square in for hours and hours.  But it eventually turned into a game we call  “Who can get Jeffery and Johnny out the quickest” and that gets really interesting when you have a sister and a friend that are extremely competitive.  I’m not pointing any fingers….(Ann and Johnny).  Drop us a comment and tell us what your Thanksgiving traditions are!



Thanksgiving Day we always watch the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and dog show while snacking on bacon pinwheels.  If you don’t know what bacon pinwheels are, they’re really good!  Now, I’m not really a bacon fan but when it comes to these… I can’t resist.  I’ll give you the recipe if you wanted to try them….. (They’re really easy)

  • (Pillsbury) croissant dough
  • cream cheese
  • bacon bits

We had a really fun week with our friends and are looking forward to next year!  But, it won’t be the same……Jeffrey, the oldest, is heading off to college next year.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to join us for a couple of days next Thanksgiving, but there’s no guarantees.  We do realize the post is a couple weeks behind, but we did this on purpose so that we would have more interesting topics to talk about.  Also, the reason behind the last post’s issues is because WordPress was in the middle of upgrading.

With that happy note, we have some pics we want to show ya’ll!!

Our beach @ Hilton Head
IMG_7990 (1)
Fun in the waves
Best Buddies
Sweet smile:)
Coastal homes
Breaking waves… I promise I’ll shoot bluer ones in FL!
Round of beach croquet
Suns out, Guns out!
Our ladies’ night dessert


Traveling Tip (feat. Ann)

Hey guys!  So after reading this post, you can pretty much get the hint that we were at the beach, even if you’ve never even heard of Hilton Head.  We did spend a lot of time there, and with two six-year-olds,  you can imagine how messy that got.   The sand went everywhere!  Luckily, we had bought at the beginning of our trip a parachute picnic blanket for times like these, and we are so thankful we did.  I’ll tell you why:

  • This blanket is the same material as a parachute, so the sand was really easy to wipe or shake off real quick.  It even came with little stakes to push into the sand to keep the thing down.
  • The blanket was huge!  To give you some perspective, it fit all eight of us kids and still had more room.
  • It’s lightweight and really easy to carry.  It was a hike from our house to the beach, and carrying this was a no-brainer.
  • And finally, it’s really easy to store.  All you have to do when you’re done is shake it off (somewhere not around people please), and stuff it back in the bag.

I think that’s just about everything I could think of.  This is the perfect traveling/at home picnic blanket, plus it looks great too!  If you want to stick to your cloth fitted sheet, that’s completely fine, but this one’s a lot less work… Just saying:) 

Click on the image below to check out the one we bought on Amazon.

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