Our Lingo

So, it has come to our attention that we use several words/phrases that y’all may not understand. If you spend any time around us or reading our blog, then you are probably familiar with most of our terminology. For those who aren’t so sure, we’ve compiled a list of interpretations for you to reference if ever needed *wink*.

  • HOOKUPS: water, sewer, and electric. If we say “full hookups”, that means all three are available. Sometimes, though, that’s not the case.
  • DRY CAMPING: where no hookups are available.
  • BOONDOCKING: very similar to dry camping, except boondocking is usually out in an extremely remote area. Requires quite a lot of grocery shopping before hand:)
  • MOOCHDOCKING/WALLYDOCKING: dry camping while using someone else’s resources; driveway, land, parking lot, etc. Wallydocking is simply a fancy term for an overnighter at Walmart. Classy, right??
  • TRAVEL DAY: a day we travel!
  • ROADSCHOOL: homeschooling…but on the road.
  • FULLTIME: living in our camper by choice. Some stay stationary, working for the campground they’re staying in. Others (like us) choose to travel around and not stay in one place too long.
  • NP: stands for National Parks.
  • NATIONAL PARKS PASS: an annual pass paid for once that allows us to get into any NP without paying. Totally worth it for us!
  • GREY TANK: tank that holds our sink and shower water.
  • BLACK TANK: tank that holds our…well…our less favorable water.
  • DUALLY: a truck (our truck) that is built with four rear tires instead of just two. Also warrants the most expensive tolls.
  • FIFTH WHEEL: a style of RV that has a higher hitch than a standard RV.
  • FULLTIME FAMILIES: a membership we have that allows us to attend activities and field trips with other travel kids and their families.
  • RANGE MONSTER: what we lovingly have named our Open Range fifth wheel. (Ann’s idea)

If you have a question about one of the terms listed OR see one we missed, give us a shout! Thanks y’all!!